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Down Under Piling has a wide range of equipment used in ground engineering applications including:

  • Fixed mast piling rigs
  • Continuous Flight Auger piling rigs
  • Low headroom piling rigs
  • Casing isolators
  • Concrete pumps
  • Rock drills & core barrels
  • Excavators



Our equipment and expertise enables us to deliver the following services:

  • Bored Piers - 450mm - 2500mm dia to 50M depth
  • CFA Piles    -   450mm - 1200mm dia to 24M depth
  • Rock Drilling  - 450mm - 2500mm dia to 50M depth
  • Restricted Height Piling min height 4M 450mm - 900mm dia to 8M depth

We also have all the ancillary equipment that is required for everyday operations onsite.